One Day Decorating & Rearranging
Creating a whole new look in your home with your existing furniture and accessories!

$150 two hour visit | $50 each additional hour (Avg. size room takes 2-3 hours)
Additional charge for Assistant, if necessary $15 per hour

Interior Redesign Consultation

Providing you with ideas and suggestions to get you started on your own room makeover.

$50 first hour | $35 each additional hour

Personal Shopping Services

Available to buy new accessories or furnishings for your decorating needs...$35 per hour

Preparing your home for the Real Estate Market, with the goal of a quick, top-dollar sale.

Full Staging Consultation
Includes interior and exterior evaluations & a written, prioritized work plan and proposal.

$150 (Takes approximately 2 hours)

Home Staging Service

$75 first hour | $50 each additional hour
Additional charge for Assistant, if necessary $15 per hour

Let us place your furnishings and beautifully arrange your belongings in your new home.

$50 per hour

Feng Shui Consultation
To enhance the energy (Chi) of your house, so that it will sell in the shortest amount of time possible and for top dollar. Buyers will feel in balance and in harmony in your home. In depth review of your land. Feng Shui is an earth art and science. That is why Feng Shui starts with the land and the environment. The land and its environment are always more important in Feng Shui than the structure.

WHAT DOES FENG SHUI MEAN? Good Feng Shui brings into balance the visible and invisible realms of your environment. Literally, Feng means wind or the invisible forces of nature – while Shui means water or the visible forces of nature.

We will use the Baqua, an Ancient Chinese Energy Blueprint to improve the Chi (Energy) on your land and in your home. And we will use the 5 Chinese elements to remedy and enhance your environment.



Staging and Feng Shui Consultation EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF BOTH!
This evaluation will be accomplished through utilizing the contemporary Power of Staging and the Ancient Power of Feng Shui.

Your home will be carefully evaluated and detailed recommendations will be given so that you can enhance the appeal of your home to prospective buyers. These recommendations will include both Staging and Feng Shui recommendations.


Connie has a local partner who knows and works with some of San Miguel’s most talented Artisans. Along with Connie’s budget mindedness, design expertise and knowledge of Feng Shui, your new home will be remodeled to suit your tastes perfectly, with the highest quality of workmanship at the lowest price possible. Let Connie design a warm retreat reflecting your individual personality and lifestyle.

Price Dependent on Scope of Work

With Connie’s expertise in Interior Decorating and Feng Shui, assure that the colors in your home reflect your own personality and lifestyle.

$50 per hour

Let Connie adorn your home for the holidays with personalized, tasteful, and warm decorations.

$35 per hour


$50 per hour (2 hour minimum)






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